Warning: Prices and features of each service are no longer up to date (learn more)

Sending emails

Sooner or later you realize that you need to communicate with users. Maybe you want to send them a newsletter or welcome them with a transactional email.


  • Free plan
  • 10,00 emails per month
  • 2,000 subscribers
  • Free automation emails
  • Transactional emails (API)
    available with Mandrill (paid)
  • "Pay per use" option available
  • Open MailChimp


Amazon SES

  • Sending emails from an application
    hosted on EC2: 62,000 free emails
    per month (otherwise, you pay
    $0.10 per 1,000 emails)
  • Attachments: $0.12/GB
  • Fees for receiving emails
    (first 1,000 are free)
  • Open Amazon SES


  • 10,000 free emails per month
  • 100 free validations per month
  • Free incoming emails
  • 5 days of log retention for free
  • Monthly plans or pay as you go
  • Attachments up to 25MB (free)
  • Open Mailgun